Are you skilled enough to catch an emotion?

Noticing your state to make a choice about your state.

Photo by Pacto Visual on Unsplash

Are you alert and attentive enough to observe an emotion within you? Not to be the victim or beneficiary of it…

… but to simply observe it.

Can you catch the beginning of it coming on? Perhaps a slide into it? A pull? A lifting sensation? How would you describe it?

Can you catch the edges of that emotion? Does it have a boundary? Does it have a texture? A colour? A temperature?

Can you catch the end? Does it linger? How does the aftermath feel?

Think about that moment when you notice you’re about to head in the wrong direction walking down the street.

That sudden realisation and your body pulls up to stop.

Can you catch your emotions the same way? Can you check on the direction they are taking you in? Can you make a choice as to whether that is the helpful direction for you to be taken on?



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Kim van Niekerk

Explorer of mindsets. Writing about leadership, start ups, teams and organisational culture.